Grace  Logsdon graduated from the University of Kentucky and holds  a Bachelor’s Degree in  Integrated Strategic Communications, which is one of the University of Kentucky’s most reputable and highly-regarded degrees. Since graduation, Grace has put forth the knowledge and hands-on experience provided by the University of Kentucky, and has since been a trusted marketing advisor for individuals and businesses nationwide.  Grace develops  customized creative marketing solutions that significantly help  share  a brand’s  image, generate and engage consumers, spread brand awareness, and maintain presence across all traditional and non-traditional marketing platforms.

Grace approaches every client as unique,  and recognizes  that client satisfaction demands an in-depth and critical  advertising-needs assessment; this helps define the specific advertising implementation route(s) necessary to achieve our goals. Grace believes in the power of relationship building and  strives to provide effective, comprehensive and advanced marketing  solutions to fulfill  the business’ growth desired by every client. Grace  attributes  her success to her method of combining  proven  market  strategies  with the client’s unique vision –  Grace simply helps bring your ideas and messages to life.


  • Market Analysis Research
  • Target Market Research
  • Highly-detailed Campaign Creation/Implementation
  • Personalized Brand Book
  • Original Clickable Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design and Professional Email Setup
  •  Traditional and Non-Traditional Advertisements
  • Define Realistic Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
  • Biweekly Campaign Reports

    If you need guidance  selling  or promoting a product, service, or idea, Grace has the experience and skill-set to help you amplify  your  message , reach a more-tailored  audience, and ultimately will give you that competitive edge.